Evolve Biosystems is a spin-out from the Foods For Health Institute (FFHI) at the University of California, Davis.

The company builds on more than a decade of research into the infant gut microbiome and its intimate interaction with breast milk components, established by the founding scientists including Bruce German, David Mills, Carlito Lebrilla, Daniela Barile and Samara Freeman. Their fundamental research and translational clinical trials have been enabled by more than $15 million in federal and private grants since 2004.

Following the appointment of two experienced biotech executives, David Kyle as CEO and James Campbell as CFO and COO, Evolve completed a $1 million seed funding round in mid 2014 followed by a $9 million Series A round in August 2015. Evolve is currently completing a series of clinical trials to confirm activity of its proprietary prebiotic and probiotic assets.

With a strong portfolio of intellectual property developed at UC Davis over many years, a well credentialed management team and blue-chip seed investors, Evolve is uniquely positioned to develop and bring to market the next generation of microbiome-based solutions to establish, restore, and maintain a healthy human microbiome across a range of unmet clinical needs.